March 3rd- March 9th

  • Super Tuesday

When: 3/6

Why: A boatload of Republican primary elections are taking place on this fine Tuesday

Shir: As I have mentioned before, I cannot vote, and on top of that, I hate being left out. So, Super Tuesday just made me nervous because all this shit is happening and I can’t do anything about it except express my opinion on here!!! Also, I am a female (who knew?!), and the Republicans pretty much love to disregard our rights as people, so right now I’m feeling doubly left out. #theworst

Kara: This Republican primary business is at once, both terrifying and completely calming. Terrifying because I can’t believe how close someone like Rick Santorum is to the presidency. (I realize he’s not that close but even where he’s at makes me uncomfortable.) Yet, it is soothing because I know that none of these nutjobs will ever be able to beat Obama. Isn’t America great?

  • Invisible Children

When: 3/7

Why: This story was everywhere. If you’ve been living under a rock, read this

Shir: The extremely sad and powerful KONY 2012 video that took over the internet for one day may be controversial, but it was really nice to see the twitterverse/internet users in general caring about something substantial for a change.

Kara: Ok, the idea around this is nice but I’m not biting. There’s a lot of shady stuff going on with that charity and was the little blonde kid really necessary? Also, I’m not sure that I can get behind engaging more US Troops in an area that we’re already in. Basically, the whole campaign is clearly just for impact because it’s not very well thought out. This is just a way for people to feel good about themselves for helping “Africa” without actually having to do anything. Retweeting something doesn’t actually do anything people!

  • My Crazy Obsession

When: 3/8

Why: TLC’s latest trainwreck airs

Shir: TLC is slowly taking over the hole that has opened up in my heart now that Real Housewives of Beverly Hills is no longer airing on Bravo. Please read my detailed analysis of this delightful new form of entertainment so we can discuss it all the time.

Kara: TLC IS SUCKING UP MY LIFE. How am I supposed to have time for anything else when they’re airing Say Yes to the Dress, My Big Fat Gypsy Wedding, Four Weddings, Toddlers in Tiaras, Extreme Couponing and now this?! How do people have time for anything else?

  • Lil Wayne Is Engaged

When: 3/8

Why: Whether or not this is actually true, rumors are swirling that Weezy put a ring on it with what’shername

Shir: Fact: people on Twitter like to start rumors. Fact: It is still unconfirmed whether or not Weezy F. Baby is engaged or not. Fact: I am demanding an invite to the wedding because I named my dog after Lil Wayne and they should start recognizing that.

Kara: I have no opinion on this. Even if it’s true, it’s not like this “marriage” will last.

  • Christopher Wallace

When: 3/9

Why: 15th Anniversary of Biggie’s death

Shir: RIP Biggie. So sad. However, another big 15th anniversary falls on this day- Ann Curry’s 15th anniversary as a host on The Today Show! What an emotional first day that must have been for her- she seems like she would be a pretty devoted Biggie fan to me.

Kara: Birthdays was the worst days/ Now we sip champagne when we thirstaaay.