It’s been over a year since we last discussed the reincarnation of Ron Burgundy here on #sasstag, so it’s about time we had a catch up sesh. The continuation of the legend (no, really…it’s called Anchorman: The Legend Continues) got a release date- mark your calendars for December 2oth! Losing The Office this month is going to be a tough blow, but at least this sort of makes up for it.

Anyways, that date was actually announced a while back. The more pressing thing we need to talk about is that Kim Kardashian was on the movie’s set yesterday and it is sending shivers down my spine. Apparently, Kanye is making a cameo in the film (???) and Kim went to the film’s set in Atlanta to keep him company. I know that shouldn’t necessarily make anybody think she has anything to do with the movie, but the people working on this set are generally crazy– otherwise the first movie wouldn’t have been as amazing as we all know it to be. What if Kim’s presence on set gives them ideas they shouldn’t be having? THESE ARE THE THINGS I WORRY ABOUT, PEOPLE.

This photo

is what E! is using to scare the crap out of us with re: the Kim K thing. Maybe I’m missing something here but this isn’t the most solid of evidence…which is kind of a good thing in this case. What I am happy about, however, is this picture of Amy Poehler and Tina Fey also on the set, but actually acting out a scene in the movie:

Those are some new characters I’m very OK with seeing this time around.



The gloriousness that is the Met Gala just happened last night, with a punk theme that some people took way too far (see below for evidence from not-so-surprising suspects).

madonna miley

Mind you, the one on the right is the same person who was just voted #1 on Maxim’s Hot 100 list.

Anyways, aside from those uncomfortable “we-took-the-theme-a-little-bit-too-seriously” ensembles, there were plenty of other dramatic looks that we need to discuss. Let’s start off with a bang, a.k.a Nicole Richie’s hair:

nicole richie

I don’t know how I feel about this as an everyday look (JK I know exactly how I feel about it and my feelings are negative even though Nicole Richie is on my girl crush list), but a huge shout out to Nicole Richie for reminding the world that The Hunger Games exist and that the second movie is coming out later this year.

And how about the friendliest-seeming person on earth, Kristen Stewart?

kristen stewart

Girl looks like she just LOVES life, doesn’t she? It’s like they painted an even sturdier resting bitch face on top of her natural resting bitch face and the result is simply chilling.

OK, on to the next one…

stacy keibler

Although I have nothing against her, I’m always very confused when Stacy Keibler is at events. Especially when George Clooney isn’t standing right next to her. And  it was his birthday last night. So really, what was she doing here?

J. Law, my (fingers crossed) future BFF, looked stunning but also a little bit like she was going to the most chic funeral ever, so there’s that.

jennifer lawrence

There was also that time Kim Kardashian was in attendance even though Anna Wintour banned her from attending the same event last year. If they went through the trouble of letting her in this year, she could have at least tried to look nice. I guess it just wasn’t her night?


Seeing a picture of Kim at the Met Ball made choosing my least favorite attendee really hard, considering Ms. Katy Perry was there as well, looking as ridiculous as ever:

katy perry

And, just to end this note on a high perfect note…behold:



(Photos via eonline.com)



This is happening to me later in life than it happens to most other people, but I am slowly beginning to realize that I have a love/hate relationship with TMZ (and all other tabloid-y forms of media out there). I obviously have an interest in popular culture and knowing what important celebs like Tara Reid is doing at all times, but even I can admit they go too far on one too many occasions. Not necessarily re: the privacy thing, because most of the celebrities that make it on there luuuuurrrrvvvvveeee every minute of it, but more so situations like when Kimye is house hunting, and they post a headline like this:

Screen Shot 2013-04-24 at 2.59.51 AM

Sure, I love a good celeb-related headline just as much as the next person. But the problem with this one is that homelessness is actually a serious problem in this country and in the entire world so maybe they could have just thought of another way to let people know that Kim and Kanye are having a hard time deciding which mansion to live in? I suppose that the fact that the headline was so attention grabbing that I felt compelled to write several paragraphs about it means it has done its job. But it’s still ridiculous and they could have said literally anything else about them not having a place to live and I would be significantly less offended.

I know we are not talking about a reputable new source here. TMZ certainly isn’t a website that should be anybody’s main source of information about what is happening in the world. But at the end of the day, CNN told the story of Justin Bieber and his visit to the Anne Frank house as if it constituted breaking news. They just didn’t do it the same way…

Screen Shot 2013-04-24 at 2.53.23 AM


Screen Shot 2013-04-24 at 2.56.34 AM


Believe me, I know there are much bigger issues with TMZ’s existence than their inflammatory headlines. But I thought they could use a friendly reminder about what homelessness means and that it is an actual problem people face. That is all.



I  know what you guys are thinking. “Another Amanda Bynes post? Seriously, Shir?” Well, it is and it isn’t. This Amanda Bynes situation is so complex that whether you want to admit it or not, we need to talk about it this much. We’re very much still at the point that it’s kind of unbelievable that a) it’s happening in the first place, and b) it has lasted this long without losing any momentum. In the event that you haven’t taken my advice to follow Amanda since I have been telling the world to follow her, just know that she certainly has not gotten any worse at Twitter. She is still saying crazy shit and posting ridiculous photos of herself. Case in point:


People would not shut up yesterday about how Brad Pitt is presenting at the MTV Movie Awards this Sunday. “How exciting! An appearance by Mr. Brad Pitt! OMG!” Well, just so everyone knows- Brad Pitt wants nothing to do with MTV, their movie awards, or anybody who watches them. He is not a public celebrity and does not do stuff like this a.k.a he is boring.

The only reason Brad is taking part in these shenanigans is because he has a pretty mediocre looking end-of-the-world movie coming out in June, and most of the people who would actually consider seeing this World War Z situation don’t even flinch when they hear his name because they don’t even know who he is. Well played, Brad Pitt’s publicist. Except not really because I see right through you.

I have tried very hard to like Brad Pitt but it just isn’t happening. There is really nothing fun or exciting about the guy. There definitely used to be something fun and exciting about him, but there are very few things that he does these days that are even worth mentioning. Even the SNL spoof of his Chanel ad was better/talked about more (and potentially made more sense) than the original thing. Basically, on a fun celebrity scale from one to Lindsay Lohan, he is a negative seven. Case in point: he has never had a #sasstag post written about him, which will (obviously) be the measure of a celebrity’s true worth one day.

Don’t get me wrong- I recognize that he is a good looking dude and is married to a pretty good looking woman. He is very, very good at his job. I’ll watch Inglourious Basterds any day. I have also heard he is actually very nice in person, so that’s a good thing. And he is great at having lots of babies. But I don’t like babies so that last one doesn’t really do it for me. I just think people need to stop caring as much when he goes out in public or presents Movie of the Year at the MTV Movie Awards because he is not really an important part of popular culture right now IMO. The only fun “celebrity” thing about him is his relationship nickname, Brangelina– roles off the tongue so nicely! And he barely makes up half of that.