“Always On Time” by Ja Rule feat. Ashanti

Guys, Ja Rule was released from federal prison on Tuesday!! The man who almost singlehandedly scored your middle school dances is a free man again. Although, “free” a bit subjective because now he’s under house confinement for the remainder of his sentence. Either way, let’s celebrate with him (for him?) with one of our favorite Ja Rule cuts.


I think we all need to have a frank conversation about what exactly constitutes happy hour because quite a few food establishments have been taking that name in unholy vain.

Happy hour is a magical time of the day where reduced-price cocktails and select food items are to be consumed with glee and abandon. You know what it’s not the time for? Frappuccinos, Taco Bell slop and alcohol-free sugar bombs. Ain’t nobody got time for that when they’re trying to get their happy hour on.

Don’t you see? These restaurants are trying to trick you! They’re playing off the incomparable happiness you feel when you hear the words “happy hour” and I for one am appalled.

starbucks happy hour


First of all, a two hour happy hour is a weak move anyway, Starbucks. And being amped up from the caffeine, but also lethargic from the pound of sugar you just consumed is exactly the opposite of how I want to feel during happy hour.

taco bell happy hour


Taco Bell is really trying to bamboozle us with those drinks that are definitely supposed to look like real cocktails. WE CAN SEE THROUGH IT GUYS. I will say though that these mocktails seem like they could be pretty OK receptacles for the adult treat of your choice, but it’s still a mockery of happy hour. You already know how I feel about those grillers.

sonic happy hour


What Sonic is doing here is particularly cruel when you consider the fact that we’re constantly bombarded with their commercials but actual Sonic restaurants don’t seem to exist anywhere but four or five states. ALSO “hours may vary by location.” WTF is that? That is not how it works, homies.

Let’s make this clear guys, happy hour this ain’t. Please stop sullying the name of my favorite time of the day with your sham marketing.



Sometimes Hump Day calls for a true cocktail experience. If you’re looking for deliciously crafted, high-quality cocktails, few places in New York are better than Silver Lining. The Tribeca cocktail bar likes to keep its focus on the classics–your martinis, your Manhattans. We celebrated our Hump Day this week with some delicious takes on a couple of great classics.

pan american clipper silver lining

The Pan American Clipper has lime, grenadine and Applejack served up in an Absinthe-rinsed coupe. (Hear all those fancy words?)

prescription julep silver lining

Our next adult beverage was the Prescription Julep–rye, cognac, Jamican rum, mint and sugar over crushed ice. Both drinks were great and had more than a bit of a kick…if you’re into that kind of thing. (We’re very into that kind of thing.)

silver lining

If you’re on the indecisive side or want to be a bit adventurous, just tell the Silver Lining bartenders what you like–type of spirit, sweet or spicy, etc–and they’ll mix up some specific to your taste.

Oh yes, we have a special guest appearance this week from our friend Resham! She is turning her love of chai into a book about the chai wallahs of India. In the meantime, you can check out her great blog and follow her on Twitter for great chai and tea related news and tips.

silver lining

We hope you guys are getting bottled on this lovely Hump Day and make sure to schedule a trip down to Silver Lining. It’ll be more than worth it. Happy Hump Day!

-K & S


GUYS, Kreayshawn is pregnant and I don’t feel like the world is sufficiently concerned about this.

Kreayshawn is pregnant

(via Instagram)

Look, it’s no secret that I’m not Kreayshawn’s biggest fan. She’s obnoxious and makes terrible, terrible music and hangs out with dumb people and generally shames the entire history of rap and hip hop culture, but I don’t actively wish any ill will on the girl.

Honestly, I’m just not confident that this is the best life move for Kreayshawn. She’s coming off of perhaps the most humiliating album debut an artist has ever had. I’m worried that she might see this baby business as a distraction of sorts–a hobby if you will–until she returns to music (which, let’s be clear, she should never return to music).

There are just some issues I’m still working through with all of this:

  • Kreayshawn is 23 years-old. Most normal 23 year-olds shouldn’t be responsible for a human child.
  • She announced her pregnancy through Instagram, complete with weeping cartoon graphics:
kreayshawn is pregnant

(via Instagram)

  • No one who Instagrams a selfie every two days should be a parent. I WILL STAND BY THAT STATEMENT FOREVER.
  • Who exactly is this man who impregnated her and will (hopefully) be raising this child with her? Is it this guy?
Kreayshawn is pregnant

(via Instagram)

  • WHO IS THIS GUY? Make yourself known man. There are some very serious conversations that need to be had.
  • This tweet:

I’m am not LOLing Kreayshawn. I am not LOLing.



The gloriousness that is the Met Gala just happened last night, with a punk theme that some people took way too far (see below for evidence from not-so-surprising suspects).

madonna miley

Mind you, the one on the right is the same person who was just voted #1 on Maxim’s Hot 100 list.

Anyways, aside from those uncomfortable “we-took-the-theme-a-little-bit-too-seriously” ensembles, there were plenty of other dramatic looks that we need to discuss. Let’s start off with a bang, a.k.a Nicole Richie’s hair:

nicole richie

I don’t know how I feel about this as an everyday look (JK I know exactly how I feel about it and my feelings are negative even though Nicole Richie is on my girl crush list), but a huge shout out to Nicole Richie for reminding the world that The Hunger Games exist and that the second movie is coming out later this year.

And how about the friendliest-seeming person on earth, Kristen Stewart?

kristen stewart

Girl looks like she just LOVES life, doesn’t she? It’s like they painted an even sturdier resting bitch face on top of her natural resting bitch face and the result is simply chilling.

OK, on to the next one…

stacy keibler

Although I have nothing against her, I’m always very confused when Stacy Keibler is at events. Especially when George Clooney isn’t standing right next to her. And  it was his birthday last night. So really, what was she doing here?

J. Law, my (fingers crossed) future BFF, looked stunning but also a little bit like she was going to the most chic funeral ever, so there’s that.

jennifer lawrence

There was also that time Kim Kardashian was in attendance even though Anna Wintour banned her from attending the same event last year. If they went through the trouble of letting her in this year, she could have at least tried to look nice. I guess it just wasn’t her night?


Seeing a picture of Kim at the Met Ball made choosing my least favorite attendee really hard, considering Ms. Katy Perry was there as well, looking as ridiculous as ever:

katy perry

And, just to end this note on a high perfect note…behold:



(Photos via eonline.com)