About Us

We’ve been told we have opinions about everything, which we take as a compliment. Celeb meltdowns, sports, fashion–everything is fair game. If it’s trending, we’re talking about it. The commentary is constant and we don’t charge extra for the sass.

You may hashtag but we #sasstag.

Kara and Shir



KB headshot
People call me KB but I not-so-secretly hope that they’ll also call me RiRi. My dream job would pay me in IHOP gift cards and bottles of Yellow Tail, so let me know you’d like a copy of my resume. When I was younger, being sassy got me in trouble but now it’s AWESOME. My penchant for red lipstick, high-quality denim and men’s t-shirts is probably going to bankrupt me, but once the Obamas or Carters adopt me, it’ll be all good.



Pronounced [sheer]. I know, it’s weird. I always speak in hyperboles. I can’t live without coffee (specifically, my Nespresso machine) and chapstick. My dog, Weezy, is named after Lil Wayne and he is just as badass as his namesake. I am constantly struggling to reconcile my love for trashy reality television shows and award winning scripted series. Most of the things I retweet are done so ironically. Oh, and I am especially fascinated by this rise and fall of Lindsay Lohan’s career.