People Who Need To Just Stop: LL Cool J and Brad Paisley


LL Cool J and Brad Paisley


I’m going to make this quick and dirty. Yesterday Brad Paisley dropped a shit-crusted atomic bomb on the world and walked away like it was nothing:

Nope. Uhh uhh. Hell no. HELLZ TO THE INFINITY NO. This is not happening. Nobody needs this nobody wants this nobody asked for this. We are not doing this again. I don’t care if it pleases the court or not, I OBJECT I OBJECT I OBJECT.

There is probably nothing the world needs less than another poorly thought-out LL Cool J and Brad Paisley collabo. Wasn’t desecrating years of work towards racial unity and understanding enough? Wasn’t forcing hip hop blogs to write about a man named after a pattern that should only be reserved for neckties and pocket squares enough? WHEN WILL IT BE ENOUGH FOR YOU PEOPLE?

You already shit all over the historical significance of slavery. What’s next? Wanna go after Martin Luther King? Malcolm X? Think Rosa Parks needs a bit more disrepsectin’ or that George Washington Carver and his beautiful peanuts need to be undermined a bit more?

I’m largely directing this at LL because he should really know better. I expect nothing from Brad Paisley but LL Cool J is one of the original dukes of hip hop. Never mind the fact that he damn near had a full head of hair the last time he produced any decent music. Unfortunately, we can’t erase history so hip hop is kind of stuck with LL Cool J at this point.

I recognize that this song could very likely not being about racism or race or anything else beyond the misunderstanding of these two stupid hat wearing men. But I don’t even want to give them another shot. They’ve used up their chances. It’s done. It’s over. We don’t want what you’re selling anymore.



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