Your Hump Day bump is here and ready to help you ease through the rest of the week with the margarita’s first cousin: the Fresquila.

We love margaritas, as well as pretty much anything served at a Mexican restaurant, but Betty Homemakers we ain’t. Luckily, the Fresquila is a delicious option when you’re thirsting for a margarita but for some reason can’t get one to your sassy lips.

For all the lazies out there, this requires way less energy than making a full-fledged margarita. And for those of you working on your bodies in preparation for Ultra, (ugh) it’s a low-cal alternative.

First things first, gather up the troops:

Fresquila Ingredients

We’re all for recipes that only require ingredients that can be found at a bodega or drugstore. Just makes life easier, ya know?


Tequila. Ice. Shake. Let It Go. If you don’t have an awesomely ironic, yet hilarious cocktail shaker like ours…actually, we have no idea what you should do instead  but we trust that you’ll be able to figure it out like the bomb-ass #sasstag reader that you are.

Fresquila pour



Tequila and margaritas make us think of warmer days, so pop outside onto your urban patio and enjoy.

sasstag hump day

Although you may need it, don’t wear your jacket. Let the tequila and friendship warm your body.

sasstag hump day

We liiiive for guacamole. If you have anything resembling an avocado laying around, get to gettin’ and fashion up some guac for the perfect Hump Day.

We have to give a shout out to our main squeeze/gay father figure Andy Cohen for introducing this to us the joy of the Fresquila.

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-K & S


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