Yesterday, Buzzfeed asked the question: How Long Can Beyoncé Get Away With Wearing Fur And Snakeskin?

And today, I have the answer: for as long as she damn well pleases.

PETA is all up in Beyonce’s business over her penchant for fur and animal skins–most recently, regarding these custom PMK shoes made from a variety of expensive animal hides:

beyonce shoes


I need to reiterate that while I do not support wedge sneakers, that’s not the issue at hand. I should also note that Old Man Morrissey is himself in a kerfuffle and recently bashed Queen Bey during a concert. Naturally, I have to defend my girl, but let me just say that you could replace Beyonce with pretty much anyone else and I’d still be giving PETA the same much-needed advice.


Why PETA needs to calm down about Beyonce’s Shoes


I dunno, maybe let’s address some animals people care about

beyonce shoes

(via Daily Mail)

PMK pulled off some next level Frankensteinian shit to put these together. They also went for a the most random-ass assortment of animals I’ve heard of. Look, Beyonce’s not skinning baby chimps for a pair of hot pants. PETA, do you really expect the public to get worked up over the use of stingray and anaconda skin? ANACONDAS? Really? Whether or not we should be upset, I’m not sure that this is the card you should be playing to garner support.


Perspective is a good thing

beyonce shoes


You guys perhaps need to pick your battles a bit more wisely. There’s not now going to be some massive demand for ostrich shoes and iguana leotards just because Beyonce wore them. No normal person can even afford this stuff. Don’t you have more pressing issues to focus on? Like why this happened?


Stop knocking a bad bitch’s steeze

beyonce shoes

As far as I’m concerned, PETA, this is your number one goal as an organization. The only time we ever hear about them is when they’re slamming celebrities over what they wore. I know that going after famous people generates more publicity than actually doing something, but it’s getting old. As I said before, are high-end fur and animal skin products really the most important issues you have to tackle? If so, I strongly suggest you look into using your resources in a manner that actually enacts some change. Go adopt a pound full of puppies or maybe, I dunno, trying help humans for a change. Leave all the bad bitches and Kim Kardashian alone. Damn, can they live?



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