Yesterday featured an excellent NBA matchup between the Miami Heat and the New York Knicks. Naturally, Tyrese Gibson was tasked with live-tweeting the game. I’m sure you’re wondering what exactly the New York Knicks and Tyrese have do with each other. The answer is absolutely nothing.

Yes, during yesterday’s game, Tyrese was allowed to “takeover” the team’s Twitter account and send out a a series of tweets that evolved in dumbness as they went on. Look, I’m sure whoever does the marketing for the Knicks doesn’t have an easy job. Most of their star players are kind of flops and now they’re competing with the untouchable coolness of King Hov and the Barclay’s Center. But the person who came up with this ridonkulousness needs to step far, far to the left, because NO.

Tyrese Knicks


Seemingly, this hoopty-ass mess was a ploy for Tyrese to plug his new dating advice book for women, which he co-authored with Rev Run–as bad a combination of ideas as I’ve ever heard.

It was roughly 32 minutes into the game before he tweeted anything, which is fair, because I’m sure it required a lot of special Tyrese thinkin’ time to come up with some of these gems.

Does one really “talk” over Twitter? As far as I could tell, Rev Run had exactly nothing to do with any of these tweets, which is a surprisingly smart move from a man who wrote a book with Tyrese.


Tyrese: the number one fan of alliterations. 


Amar’e didn’t do a whole hell of a lot during this game so it’s unclear what exactly he was referring to. 


He tried to get real complicated with this sentence–thereby making it more or less unreadable. 


I imagine this is around the time the Knick’s social media marketing team started feeling that dull but unmistakable pang that is regret. 


Is legendary really the word we should be using here? It’s Jason Kidd. 


Huh? No, seriously. HUH?


Except with boobs or, ya know, an effective basketball scoring strategy.


What the what the what? Tyrese apparently thought this was so clever that he tweeted the exact same thing three minutes later. 


MVP who? Because I know we are not talking about Carmelo. 


WHAT DOES THAT MEAN? How can a book–the written word–be on full blast?


Here’s the thing–is Tyrese even a Knicks fan? He’s from Los Angeles and seems to live there now. These alone aren’t necessarily reasons enough, but has this man ever expressed interest in or loyalty to this team? Basically: What the hell were the Knicks thinking? 




What sport is he watching?




If you don’t know what a non sequitur is, here ya go. Between Tyrese and Brandi Glanville, I’m starting to think that the barriers to entry for the New York Times Bestseller List need to be reevaluated. 


Well that was exhausting.

My two takeaways from this train wreck are:

1) It really takes a special kind of shamelessness that only Tyrese can wield to tag every.single.tweet with the title of his book.

2) Never do this again.



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