It sounds crazy, but New York City is filled with some pretty cool people other than us. That is why we started our New Yorker of the Week series where we convince some really awesome New Yorkers to answer a bunch of our silly questions.

Meet Keith Alberstadt, a comedian who dislikes tourists in New York stopping in the middle of the sidewalk as much as we do.

Keith Alberstadt.Photo Credit: Mindy Tucker

Name:  Keith Alberstadt

Occupation: Comedian/Writer

Neighborhood: Astoria
Favorite Twitter account: @Mets … It’s a great way to start my day. Example: “This season is going to be stellar.” That is just hilarious perspective. LMAO!! That being said…Let’s Go Mets!
Favorite place in NYC: Fraunce’s Tavern (history), Bryant Park (writing) or Jimmy’s Corner Pub (hanging)
Best response to one of these ridiculous hashtags:  #ThingsNotToSayOnTheFirstDate  “Can I get your roommate’s number, you know, like in case of an emergency or something?”//#LessInterestingBooks  “Harry Potter and Type 2 Diabetes”
Biggest NYC pet peeve: Tie … 1. People who stop on a crowded sidewalk to mess w/ their iPod. Imagine someone braking on an interstate to find a good radio station. 2. Bicyclists who feel above the laws of traffic.
What competitive reality show would you win and why?: Not really sure b/c I don’t watch them, but I’d have to say Amazing Race b/c I travel a lot, I know how to sweet-talk people, and I’m pretty sure I never lost my compass and riddle-solving skills from 4th Grade.
Where would you live if you didn’t live in NYC?:  Nashville, TN home of the mighty Commodores.
Popular song you are sick of/never liked:  Any song where they regurgitate an old classic and talk over it.
Drink of choice: Coffee, please.
Best way to spot a tourist: They’re talking to a guy selling comedy club tickets on the street because “Chris Rock might show up there and Comedy Central is taping a special and blah blah”.  None of that happens, but they don’t know that.


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