Each week we take a look at some of Twitter’s most entertaining trending topics and provide some deep and meaningful insight. Or we just bitch about it.

January 26th-February 1st

  • Rick Ross

When: 1/28

Why: A gunman opens fire on Rick Ross as he tries to escape in his Rolls Royce

Shir: It is never a good thing when someone has shots fired at them, but WOAH, talk about an effective way to validate your streed cred.

Kara: Ok, I’m not saying I wanted Rick Ross to get shot, but HOW DO YOU AIM AT RICK ROSS AND MISS? I’m sorry but I’m just saying. That girth. That beard. He’s basically the perfect target. Ask Biggie. (Too soon?) I’m glad he’s safe and whoever tried to shoot him should retire as a G because clearly this ain’t your thang.

  • #RatchetValentinesGifts

When: 1/29

Why: Because Twitter 

Shir: All I can say is that I love the Internet. Specifically Twitter. Who comes up with this shit? It’s a shame this wasn’t trending for longer, because I need more suggestions beyond “heart-shaped Plan B pills” and “tickets to Jerry Springer” so I can get all of my shopping done before V-Day arrives. 

Kara: All I have to say is this. I will literally be anyone’s Valentine if it means they’ll get me those earrings. Tweet me. Serious inquiries only.

  • #BlackBerry10

When: 1/30

Why: Launch of the highly anticipated (?) Blackberry10

Shir: Lolz. I love Alicia Keys but even creative input from her could not make me want to use a BlackBerry again. To (sort of) quote my spirit animal, Regina George- “Stop trying to make BlackBerry happen.”

Kara: At least they know they have JR Smith on their side. Right now, the thing about Blackberry is that they’re trying sooo hard and it’s incredibly obvious. Alicia Keys? She’s great but come on. I’m just saying that if Alicia Keys is somehow qualified to be the creative director for a major corporation, then many of us are. 

  • Donald Trump

When: 1/31

Why: Donald Trump harrasses Mac Miller about his song that name check the insane Apprentice host

Shir: There is nothing more embarrassing than a grown man with a lot of money picking on someone not quite their age or size. Donald Trump is not the first public figure to have  negative song written about him, and he should have handled this situation with a little bit more class (i.e. behind closed doors and not on Twitter).

Kara: I am so torn here. On one hand, Donald Trump is a truly reprehensible, evil blowhard. On the other, Mac Miller is pretty terrible himself. God, it’s just a lose/lose situation isn’t it? I really couldn’t live with myself if I sided with either one of them, so I’m just going to back away slowly and go eat some salted caramels.

  • Super Bowl Sunday

When: 1/31

Why: Countdown to touchdown y’all

Shir: People who like Beyonce and people who like football do not often spend time watching the same things on television. Until now. So much of our country will be happy on Sunday, and that is something to truly be excited about. Oh, and also, did I mention…Beyonce?

Kara: I know you’re all more than prepared on the cocktail side of the Super Bowl. I feel like this will be a good one. I’m basing that off of absolutely no knowledge or insight aside from the fact that the Super Bowl party I’m going to is going to have Lime-A-Ritas and nothing can go wrong when you’re drinking a Lime-A-Rita.


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