He may not be getting a spinoff on E! their TV channel anytime soon, but Scott Disick has been given a show and an audience on E!’s website.

I would like to introduce you to Lord Disick, the lifestyle website of Mr. Kourtney Kardashian. For those of you who don’t know, Scott suffers from delusions of grandeur often associated with being part of the Kardashian Klan for an extended period of time. It’s like a contact high for your ego. He has recently “rebranded” himself as Lord Scott Disick. I have no idea why, though, because he is the last person on earth I keep up with and I don’t care to do too much research because I don’t need to know all the details to know that this is ridiculous.



The lifestyle website is home to his new web series, known as Lord Disick: Lifestyles of a Lord. The first installment of what I am sure is going to become an extremely consistent source of amusement for me is titled “A Man’s Car is His Castle,” because duh. In it, he discusses the cars every lord needs in his manor. A family car, and one that is the opposite of a family car and makes you feel like you’re on a yacht.



This is all very riveting,  but he does not manage to truly capture my attention until he says that Kim “likes her cars like she likes her men.” And even though I must give him credit for being oh so clever when showing us Kimmie’s black Rolls Royce Ghost, he is certifiably the least articulate lord in the history of lordship. The last thing I would want is to somehow contribute to these people’s bank accounts, but I do urge you to visit the website and sit through the annoying ads so you can experience LOAL for yourself (side note: is that the hashtag we are committing to? #LOAL? You never know with these things). So please go do that now and report back to me.

I hope he follows up his car episode with these topics:

1. How to marry rich without actually tying the knot

2. Turn your kids into cash: how much can you really get from those tabloids for your baby’s first photos?

3. Business tips: How to make millions when your sex tape “leaks” and other things I learned from my Baby Mama’s family

4. #LOAL Investigates: A Lord’s view Social Media: How I Became The Biggest Douchebag on Twitter

I guess at first I thought that it was silly that he has this web series, but now I realize that we actually all have something to learn from him. I’m currently investigating ways to submit ideas to the show’s producers because I think Scott Lord Disick will LOVE addressing these topics.



  1. Miranda says:

    You stupid…..if you don;t care about hom…why writing all of this? seems you have enough time! .mind your own business