What the hell is going on with these?

Like most trends, it all started with Beyonce, who wore a pair in the “Love on Top” music video.



I’ll admit, when I first saw the video, I kind of liked her kicks. But that’s also largely because I thought they were regular sneakers. Then, when I began seeing them on anyone who wasn’t Beyonce, I realized, “whoa, I really don’t like those shoes”. Also, these Isabel Marant wedge sneakers retail for $760….unnecessary.

So, that happened. Soon after, the common folk knockoffs started popping up all over the place.



I’ll just say it, these wedge sneakers (weakers? wedgekers? sneadges?) are weird-looking and often plain U-G-L-Y-you-ain’t-got-no-alibi-ugly. Plus, fundamentally, they don’t make any sense. IS A HEELED SNEAKER NOT AN OXYMORON PEOPLE?

Ladies, if you’re going to wear sneakers, just wear a pair of damn sneakers. Sneakers are AWESOME and comfortable and you look good in them.

Take a look at my girl Rita Ora:


And Princess RiRi:


I was on board when brands like Pastry started feminizing kicks, (which basically just involved changing the colors and altering the sizes) but the girlification of sneakers has gone too far. There is no need for this. Wedge sneakers are kind of like sleeveless sweatshirts or wool shorts–they just doesn’t make any damn sense.

The only good part about the $760 Isabel Marant version is that, at first glance, they can almost pass for a pair of regular sneakers. But when you start getting into stuff like this:

It looks like something is eating her feet (via)



You’re not fooling anyone! We know what’s going on girlfriend. Plus, no matter how good a woman is at walking in heels, you can still tell she’s walking in heels. Disguising them as sneakers will not make a difference. JUST LEAVE THE SNEAKERS ALONE. LET THEM BE WHAT THEY ARE.

I will ask this question again: Does having a heel on sneakers not defeat the whole point of wearing sneakers?? Think about it ladies, and stop buying these awful, ridiculous shoes.



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