Each week we take a look at what was trending and provide some deep and meaningful insight. Or we just bitch about it.

 June 2nd- June 8th

  • Poor Drake

When: 6/3

Why: Everyone is pretty embarrassed for Drake after his Punk’d episode airs.

Shir: Did this show really need to come back? Really? I’m a huge Kutcher fan but I never really understood what the entertainment value of this show is. Watching something funny/ridiculous/unrealistic happen to a celebrity? Umm…I watch E! News pretty much every day so I have that covered.

Kara: Poor Drake indeed. Although Kutcher has morphed into a massive tool, he was right in wondering why the hell Drake believed that Joe Biden would want to meet with him. The only rapper I’ve ever heard of any type of President requesting to see is Jay-Z. And please, Drake, Jay-Z you are not. Plus, you’re Canadian. Check yourself yo. And do better in crisis situations.

  • #TheBarbzRClearlySuperiorDontBMad

When: 6/4

Why: Nicki’s fans continue to express their support after all the Summer Jam mama drama.

Shir: Even though I sometimes disapprove of Nicki’s choices, I love her for following through with what the YMCMB crew has always shown, which is loyalty to Lil Wayne. I can’t be mad at someone who worships the same rapper as I do. 

Kara: So, here’s the thing, “Starships” is not hip hop. Nicki, let me be very clear about that. Although DJ whoever clearly could have delivered his message with much more tact, he had a point. People criticize you Nicki because you’re so good and they think you could really be an important female MC. Then you drop shit like “Stupid Hoe” and “Starships”. Gaaah it’s frustrating. But still, that was kind of bullshit and I probs would have dropped out of the concert also. At least you’ve always got your Barbzzzzzzz.

  • Queen’s Jubilee

When: 6/5

Why: The Queen is a million years old or something.

Shir: I never really got the obsession with the Royal Fam, but doing anything for 60 years is certainly a feat that should be celebrated. But pretty much exclusively by Brits. Or in a country that is actually affected by Her Royal Majesty. Not by Courtney Stodden.


  • Miley and Liam

When: 6/6

Why: The hunky Hunger Games star announces that he will take “I’m just bein Miley” Cyrus as his teenage bride.

Shir: The sadness that hit me when I read this news is a little pathetic, but hey, I’m just trying to be honest here. I can’t remember the last time I was so devastated by a celebrity relationship. Its just…Liam Hemsworth is actually perfect. Except for the fact that he is making if offish with Miley. He could do so much better than her!!! He could be the next Brad Pitt, for serious. And Miley is certainly no Angelina so this is clearly not a good match (if anybody wants to talk about this more, please call me). 

Kara: Look, I kind of love them. Liam, yum. And Miley has turned into a pretty down ass chick who I would love to chill with. She’s a little skanky, a little trashy, but seems like she’s always down for a good time. Plus she loves the gays. Good for you girl! I know people are harping about her age but let’s be real, she’s from Tennessee. We should all be glad they waited this long. I’ll be waiting for my invite Miley!

  • #BSBBQ

When: 6/6

Why: The Backstreet boys just won’t let it go and are now throwing some sort of fan BBQ because they haven’t yet sunken low enough.

Shir: Wowww. Peeps. Watch the video, seriously. You need to see this pathetic attempt at a comeback, not just hear about it. Nick still hasn’t gone through puberty, has he? And AJ is still wearing nail polish? He is a grown man! That is gross. Bribri looks like he could be the next bath salts cannibal, and Howie…well…he is as benign as he has always been. Also…WHO WANTS TO SEE THE BACKSTREET BOYS WITHOUT KEVIN?????  So lame. That being said, who wants to take a road trip to Hershey, PA?

Kara: I was an N*Sync girl, so I barely even know their names, making this all the more irrelevant to me. But come on guys. Just come on. A reunion tour is one thing but it seems like you’re all under some bizarre assumption that you can resurrect your careers as the Backstreet Boys. Have you seen your competition?! They barely have facial hair! You guys are just too old for this shit. Way too damn old.


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