A sign you should not be allowed in public: you shop at Bebe.


A sign you should not be allowed to get married: you got your wedding dress from Bebe.

The clothing manufacturer, whose only claim to fame is not being Wet Seal, has launched a Bridal Boutique. This, in turn, reaffirms my desire to never, ever get married or contribute in any way to the wedding industry in America (other than by watching countless wedding-related shows on television, of course).

You would think that if somebody was opting to buy a wedding dress from this God awful store it would be due to financial limitations. Not everybody can afford the $450,000 number Kate Middleton wore just one year ago. And that is fine. But the dresses Bebe is making are not even cheap! Like…why would you spend more than $100 on an item of clothing from them? And even that is a stretch for how much something from there could possibly be worth…I personally would choose to get married in an orange prison jumpsuit if this was my only dress option but I’ll assume people who are shopping for their wedding dresses at Bebe have a $100 budget.

This dress costs $1,800 and is not even the most expensive (or ugliest, believe it or not) dress in their catalog.

The designer of these obscene garments, Rami Kashou, has apparently been on some fashion related reality TV shows and says that he “wakes up everyday to celebrate women.” I want to believe him, but if he truly meant that, would he make it possible for them to wear such atrocities on their wedding day?

I just don’t think that anybody should consider wearing a wedding dress (or really any item of clothing) from a place that makes and sells this:

Randy from Kleinfeld’s and David Tutera would likely vomit on a wedding dress from Bebe. I know this isn’t the worst thing to ever happen in the world EVER, but this needs to be stopped. Not just because it is trashy and fugly and such. But because it means that there are too many people “designing” clothes who have no business doing so. A few years ago, before the Kardashians had their own clothing line, they had a “Kardashians for Bebe” line (or something along those lines). But that wasn’t enough for them- it made them desire to have more control over people. So they made their own Kardashian Kollection (Kvomit), which started out as harmless clothing and has recently expanded to home goods. Therefore, you know it is only a matter of time before they jump on the bridal bandwagon and contribute to this ridiculously profitable industry since they’re all pretty much struggling financially these days.

I think designing bridal gowns needs to be left to the pros like Vera Wang and her friends. Otherwise Kim Kardashian will be the next big name in formalwear, and as a nation, we simply cannot allow that to happen.



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